Aileen Coupe, M.A., MBACP, UKCP reg.

Private Counselling Leicestershire - Derbyshire - Nottinghamshire - Northamptonshire - East Midlands

What is counselling?

Counselling will help you to
explore issues with someone
who is trained, who will listen
with care and without judgement.

Female Private Client,
Age 58

I have consulted Aileen a number of times over the past 8 years for support during family illness, work stress and bereavement. She has listened and guided me so that I have been able to understand the problems, therefore helping me to make decisions and deal with the situations myself. I found the atmosphere of her consulting room and her calm manner very restful and supportive and it has been liberating to be able to discuss things freely and in total confidence to help me cope with these life events.

Female Private Client,
Age 38

When I said you have been the most positive influence in my life I really meant it. Thank you for being the one person (apart from me) who was instrumental in enabling me to live this content new life - Aileen - it’s so good - even if I got run over and died tomorrow I would be happy because I DID IT!! I will always think of you with the most huge admiration.